Memo by Detective Mark Fuhrman on 1985 Domestic Dispute at Simpson's Home

A memo Detective Mark Fuhrman wrote on Jan. 18, 1989, regarding a 1985 domestic dispute at Simpson's estate. Fuhrman said he wrote it at the request of a detective and the city attorney's office.

During the fall or winter of 1985 I responded to a 415 family dispute at 360 N. Rockingham. Upon arrival I observed two persons in the front of the estate, a male black pacing on the driveway and a female wht sitting on a veh crying. I inquired if the persons I observed were the residents at which time the male black stated, "Yeah, I own this, I'm O.J. Simpson!" My attention turned to the female who was sobbing and asked her if she was alright but before she could speak the male black (Simpson) interrupted stating, "she's my wife, she's okay!" During my conversation with the female I noted that she was sitting in front of a shattered windshield (Mercedes-Benz I believe) and I asked, "who broke the windshield?" with the female responding, "he did (pointing to Simpson) ... He hit the windshield with a baseball bat!" Upon hearing the female's statement Simpson exclaimed, "I broke the windshield ... it's mine ... there's no trouble here." I turned to the female and asked if she would like to make a report and she stated, "no."

It seems odd to remember such an event but it is not everyday that you respond to a celebrity's home for a family dispute. For this reason this incident was indelibly pressed in my memory.

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